Premium Metallic Coating

▷ A special coating technology that applies various colors and metallic texture to plastic, glass and metallic materials using the nano thin-film sputtering technology. Is an eco-friendly and low-cost coating technology that replaces the existing coating and painting process.

Metallic Coating Manufacturing Line
Facility construction based on the expertise that helped attain initial mass-scale production globally → Process support → Production support
Metallic Service
Provides a coating service that suits demo service and line construction needs
▷ Case 1 : Plasma Treatment → Premium Metallic Coating → Anti-fingerprint Coating

▷ Case 2 : Plasma Treatment → Premium Metallic Coating → Top Coat

▷ Case 3 : Base Coat → Plasma Treatment → Premium Metallic Coating → Top Coat

Metallic Coating
▷ Eco-friendly technology : No waste water, no toxic gas. (Substitute for plating process)

▷ 70% cost reduction compared to plating

▷ Perceive premium and high quality various colors and metallic textures due to applied nano thin-film.

▷ Applicable to various products, regardless of base material (plastic, die cast, iron etc), possible to make into a premium product.

areas of metallic
▷ Home appliances

▷ Automobiles